Coffee & Cappuccino

Wake up to a fresh pot of coffee here at Luke. We continuously brew all day 7 days a week. Customize your coffee with our large selection of flavored creamers and sugars.

Ice Tea Sweetened & Unsweetened

Our sweet tea is brewed to perfection daily. Don’t like your tea sweet? No worries we have you covered with our unsweetened tea as well.

Fountain Drink

Need a refreshing pop to brighten up your day? We offer a huge variety of flavors that would impress any pop lover. Stop by today to get your Any Size. Any Variety. $1 beverage today!


Looking for a sweet icy drink? Try out our slushees! With thicker ice chunks, its great for those hot summer days.


Our popular Fruzee’s makes for the perfect beverage! The finely crushed ice paired with your favorite flavor is the best refreshing treat. Do you have an adventurous side? Mix and match two flavors together and make it taste even more awesome!